CSIR AIR DISINFECTOR, Not a Regular Air Purifier.

Protect You With Advanced Air Disinfection Technology. Eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Dust, Germs, And etc.
Removalable | Portable | Rechargable

Clean air for every indoor space

The company was founded based on the vision of creating beautiful and intelligent residential products, and is committed to providing creative solutions and products for smart homes and home environment control.







Compact Portable Design

No Filter Screen Replacement

CE, RoHS Certified

Low Power Consumption

Up to 3 Hours Working Time

Air Disinfection Methods

• Air irradiated by ultra high intensity multi 
wavelength compound ultraviolet :

Quick interruption the RNA or DNA of viruses 
which inside the air

• Nano hydroxyl radical, hydrogen oxygen 
radical and active oxygen technology :

Destroy the cell membrane permeability and DNA / RNA

• Driving air circulation sterilization in small 

Fast reduction bacteria inside air

Plenty will continue to focus on the field of air disinfection and make contributions to improving the environment of daily life.

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