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Nordic light luxury modern minimalist chair

Brand:FurnishModel: W20077Material: Solid Wood
Style: NordicGross weight: 44Whether it can be customized: No 
Applicable object: Adult

whether it is removable: The sofa cover is not removable

Color Classification: D02 Light Khaki Sofa Chair

This is a light lounge chair, the curve of the whole lounge chair is designed according to rigorous ergonomics. It does not affect the user's normal conversation, and can also take a nap. The arc-shaped base can be used as a rocking chair. The sitting part and the backrest are of the same height. The appearance is bold and full of personality. 2. Curved shape, the material is woven, lightweight and load-bearing, full of modern flavor, and the beauty of retro rhythm. 3. The chair is not only practical, but also an ideal decoration for families and leisure places. The basic format: First, we must pay attention to the design principles, its practicality, comfort, safety, artistry and simplicity. The second is his basic factors, including function, material, structure, shape, color, etc. The service object is suitable for families or clubs with a large number of guests and a small space. It is a spare furniture. Purpose, use, save space, the type of furniture that can be used all year round


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